Thursday, July 28, 2011

Work At Home Employment - Careers From Home

Work At Home Employment - Careers From Home

Why you should seek work at home employment: A real look at careers from home.

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Welcome to my site, my name is Gene B and I have been working from home for just over a few years now. At first my journey took me through the realm of work at home employment only part time, but as soon as I found out there were legitimate careers from home that could be worked, I immediately set out to provide my family with the life they always dreamed of. But, let me tell you my story.
I have worked in the Customer Service Industry for over ten years (yes, a long time to be in that industry). I would work eight and a half hours a day (sometimes more depending upon the workload) doing what I was told to do and earning the leftovers from the execs in the big office down the hallway. Imagine talking to thousands of people a week and 95% of them (maybe 98% depending upon the season) have a problem. And guess who they vent there frustrations on? Me.
To think that I could work at home, or maintain outside employment that would allow me to work at home was nothing more then a dream. I would read stories of people making millions of dollars overnight. I would think to myself, "Gene, what would it take to be that person?" Many nights I would scour the internet for the "solution" to my problems.
At first, careers from home did not appeal to me. I wanted instant millions. I wanted a lot of money upfront. So I would buy everything (and I mean everything) that would go on the market. I quickly fell into every guru's pocket and I ended up spending hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. Broke and frustrated I felt like the biggest loser in the world. Have you ever felt like that? Stressed out, feeling hopeless about your future? Well I did, but... that soon changed.
I found my "golden ticket" (think Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory LOL). I found out that I could control my destiny. How did I find this out you ask? During those long nights of study I came upon a secret. There are companies online that seek good workers all the time! Also, there are many jobs that prefer you work from home on your computer, or on the phone answering calls from the comfort of your home!
And get this. Some of the employers allow you to set your own hours while others allow you to start your own business! I began to make a solid income from my online ventures. I now take care of my family free from a traditional job or a boss looking over my shoulder. I fired my boss and now I have time to do as I please (and when I please!).
So this brings me to the point of why I started Work At Home Employment X. I started my site for those who are truly looking for an escape from their boss or dead end job. I started my site for serious individuals who will put the effort forth to make an income online or from home. I went through the trouble (my trial and error) to find some of the best jobs and job sources online for you. Why? Because I know what it feels like to go without the things you need. I know what it feels like to not have the money to buy the things you want.
In conclusion, I started my site for real people looking to make an honest living online. My name is Gene B and I happily work from home and I am my own boss!
By:- Eugene B


  1. In this busy life full of rush, work from home will be the best option to earn the money. You have better illustrated the topic careers from home. I too love to build by career working at home itself.

  2. Thats great, online business is growing with ultimate speed. I have also joined an affiliate program for the online business after having wealthy affiliate review.


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