Thursday, July 21, 2011

Different Types of Work at Home Opportunities That Work

Different Types of Work at Home Opportunities That Work

Since the year 1999 there have been several types of work at home opportunities to hit the internet. Some of them good and some bad. Since I was around in those days and working hard at building a long lasting income, I can honestly tell you what programs worked, which didn`t, and what is working now, (most importantly).

The first types of programs we will mention are referral programs, there were many types of referral programs when the internet was new. You made money every time you referred someone into a program as long as that person did certain tasks. These programs worked but paid out very little to the average person.

These referral programs included get paid to read email programs, get paid to surf programs, get paid to view websites, etc... None of these programs made anyone any serious money.

Since the beginning of the internet one way that has worked well for home based work at home workers is getting hired to do specific jobs like building websites, or creating logos, and stuff like that.

People who had web designer skills were in high demand back then, and they still are today. Web designers can earn a very good salary and work from home too. Web designers that earn good salaries usually work with sites like Guru, or Elance to find work.

Affiliate programs were one of the biggest money makers to come along. You put up links on the internet that are embedded with your affiliate id and if a sale occurs you earn a commission.

These affiliate programs made millions for a lot of people. For some they made thousands, but all in all they made money. People used Google AdWords to promote affiliate products, and they also used Yahoo Search Marketing.

If you are new in the work at home industry. I recommend you look into several types of ways to earn money working from home. First you must decide though, do you want a fixed salary, or do you want to earn commissions. Commissions are by far the most profitable way to go if you know what you`re doing.

Some products pay upwards of 75% commissions. There are millions of things you can sell on the internet. You just need traffic. The good thing is, is that there are traffic sources all over the internet, you just need to plug into them.

If you want to get paid by commission, I suggest you look at sites like ClickBank or Commission Junction. They offer affiliate programs you can join and make money with.

Of all the different ways to make money working at home, list building is among the best. You sign up with an autoresponder company and then you collect subscribers and then you write to your subscribers about stuff they are interested in, and you also offer them your affiliate products.

And lastly a very popular and profitable way to earn money working from home is by creating software, if you don`t know how to, you can even hire someone on Freelance sites to do it for you. Selling software is hot on the internet.

Ebay is also another big factor and of all the different types of ways to earn money working from home this is a very popular one, because it can work for just about anyone.

So to resume, the best ways to work from home are by using affiliate programs, list building with autoresponders, freelancing, (building websites or logos), and also creating software and selling that software. eBay is also very good.

Clerical Jobs, Data Entry Jobs, and Typing Jobs are also very good, and they can earn you a good salary.
By:- Graham Rodrigue

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