Monday, May 16, 2011

Best Four Work From Home Business Opportunities For Under $10,000

In any budget, there are always people looking for a cost effective way to start a profitable business. This is, however, more common than ever before in our current economy. Since our recession is lasting longer than everyone would have hoped, many people are starting to look for ways to not only weather the storm and survive, but actually profit in a sluggish economy. A work from home business franchise may be the perfect option for anyone looking to start a low cost business. All of the work is done ahead of time for you by the franchiser, so once you make your move and purchase the franchise, you're only a few steps away from having your business up and running, and profiting. Here's a look at some of the best home based franchises currently available for less than $10,000.

1. Sightless Brokers Network
This is not quite an ordinary franchise. Instead of buying the business model, training, support, and an established name, franchisees who take advantage of this work-from-home business purchase everything but the name. With Steve Dale's proven system, you become the owner of a fully functional blind and shutter business that is one in a list of over 400 associated businesses running under their own names without sacrificing any of the behind-the-scenes benefits of being a franchise. Buying into this low-cost business means that you're entering into a community of sellers who continue to assist one another, while you still build a business under your own heading.
You may not be well-off just yet, but that doesn't mean you can't aspire to be financially stable in the future. One of the many benefits of franchising is that you aren't locked into one business forever. Just as you choose which of these four low-cost franchises is right for you now, when you've established yourself in one of them and have a slightly bigger bank account to throw around, it's always a valid option to sell this franchise and step up to something a little bigger and a little more up your alley.

2. Home Visitors
"We buy ugly houses." It's possibly one of the stranger slogans I've seen plastered across a billboard, but it certainly works, at least it's managed to stay in my head. With a nationally recognizable name, and that cartoon caveman, this franchise teaches you all you need to know about buying low-end homes at just the right time and just the right place to then turn around and sell them for a quick profit. For a nice low initial purchase cost, you too can proudly declare that you "buy ugly houses."

3. Guardian Pool Fence Systems Inc.
Whether full-time or part-time, franchisees with Guardian Pool Fence Systems Inc. are making a difference for families who have both a pool and young children. Their business is keeping kids pools apart by way of mesh fencing and a patented gate system. State laws requiring the use of fences around pools are becoming more common and more stringent across the nation, so demand for this special product is increasing drastically. Franchisees are taught everything about running this work-at-home business, marketing the service, and installing the product in their protected territories. In this way, the small initial investment comes back light lightening.

4. Fresh Coat Painters
If you've ever painted part of your home, you know perfectly well how much it would be worth in time and stress to just pay someone else to do it for you. It's for this reason (that painting can be such a headache) that interior painting is such a booming business right now. People who have spare money but no spare time pay painting companies to paint their homes every day, all over the nation, and those companies are walking away with dough by the bucket-load. For a wonderfully low startup fee, Fresh Coat Painters wants to make you the next paint mogul, using their proven business methods to market your franchise and oversee your painting minions all over town.
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