Friday, September 16, 2011

Ideas to Make Extra Money from Home

Ideas to Make Extra Money from Home

Ideas to make extra money from home. These income at home opportunities require very little start up money and are easy to get started.  Find out how you can make money from home.
Times are tough and we all could use some good ideas to make extra money at home. We have chosen tried and tested money making ideas that most people can learn and succeed at quickly.
Selling on eBay
More than 88 million people use eBay and over $2000 worth of goods are sold every single second. There is a definite opportunity to make extra money selling on eBay. Setting up as an eBay seller is quite straightforward and the only costs involved are a listing fee and a small fee on the final sale price. The most challenging aspect of selling on eBay is finding the right items to list and sell. Initially it is advisable to start by selling unwanted items you have at home. This way you will get a feel for the whole concept and an understanding of how it all works. Once you have run out of your unwanted stuff you can visit garage sales, pawnshops and flea markets to find more inventory.  Eventually you will be able to settle on a product niche that is both profitable and convenient for you. Popular product niches include electronics, jewelry, designer and branded items, and memorabilia. eBay has a number of resources to help you get established as a profitable eBay entrepreneur.
Making and Selling Crafts from Home
If you enjoy making things you can start up a small home based business making and selling handmade crafts. Most of these craft businesses can be run part-time and can be a reliable source of extra income. Gift baskets are a fast growing industry and one of the ideas for making extra money that has big potential. Not only can it be profitable to make and sell gift baskets but it can be really enjoyable too. You need minimal equipment and can create your gift baskets at your kitchen table. Doing your research on sourcing supplies cost effectively plus the ability to create unique gift baskets will help you establish a profitable home business.
Another work from home craft option is homemade candles. You can purchase your start-up candle making supplies for a couple of hundred dollars and start earning extra money with your first candle sale. Learning how to make candles is not difficult. It is really just a matter of practising and refining the process for the type of candles you want to create.  Handmade soap is also a popular item. You can have fun experimenting to create your own unique homemade soaps. An experienced soap maker can produce 100 bars of soap in less than two hours. This shows you the kind of money-making potential a home-based soap business has.
Other money making craft ideas include handmade jewelry, greeting cards, paper making, picture framing, fabric crafts and sewing.
Dog Walking
Are you an animal lover?  Dog walking can be a good source of extra income. There are minimal start-up costs and you earn income from the word go. Depending on your time and availability you can earn a dependable income from walking dogs. The national average for dog walking is reported as between $15 - $20 for a half hour per dog. This varies according to where you live. Most walkers will take a couple of dogs at one time thereby increasing their profits. Requirements include a genuine affection for dogs, commitment and reliability plus the physical strength and stamina to walk and keep the dogs under control.
These are just  a couple of the ideas to make extra money from home that are explored in depth at Home Business Income Opportunity. You will find many more inspiring money-making ideas.

By:- Julia Derby 

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