Saturday, August 6, 2011

Computer Work from Home Businesses

Computer Work from Home Business
If you want to use your computer to work from home their are a lot of businesses out there that allow you to do so.  The problem is which business opportunity is best for you and how can you avoid the scams?
If you start to look through the working from home jobs available you will certainly be spoilt for choice.  They all tend to be attractive much the same thing ie MLM or Pyramid schemes.  You join a scheme and pay a fee and then you try to get others to join and pay the same fee make you a commission and also the person who recruit you gets a commission too.
These are not scams at all as they are completely lawful work from home jobs.  The companies offer a product for that fee.  It just so happens that most of the people who join these work from home business opportunities are not interested in the product but only the opportunity to make money.
Of course with such online jobs you only get paid for your results.  If you spend 100 hours market and no one signs up you won't get paid anything.  Whereas the guy who only spends 1 hour marketing and happens to be lucky sufficient to get a signup will create a commission.
Not too many people like the idea of working for nothing but when it comes to computer work from home businesses you must be eager to risk your time and try out a a small number of business opportunities before you stumble upon one that works for you.
I tried a lot of these online opportunities and found them all to pretty much be the same.  Someone recruited me, I recruited a few others but then those ones that I recruited were not capable to replicate the process and they dropped out after 1 or 2 months.  So in the end I drop out too as it didn't seem like a very stable business opportunity.
Off all the opportunities I tried only Work for $3 has actually made me money.  Not a lot mind you, but I tried about 10 different online schemes and this was the easiest and most money-making.
The most attractive experiment was with Teamwork Revolution Power System TWRPS.  It was a 2x8 matrix which gave talented potential for spillover.  In the beginning it was exploding like crazy.  However when it started it was free to join.  Reality hit when pay time came and less than 10% of the early registrants actually paid and stuck with the program.  Since then people have been dropping out quicker than they have been signing out so in the end it was yet one more let down.
Work for $3 though was a simple one time payment of $3 and it doesn't have anyone plummeting out as you never need to pay again and therefore no need to drop out.
So I will just stick with the simple $3 program and continue to promote it as a hobby and who knows, 6 months or a year from now I could be making $1000s per month from it.


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